Our Website's Maiden Voyage


Finally, after seven years of living in Nicaragua, we have our own blog. Yes, I know what you’re thinking - “it’s about time”. We have been so honored to live in Nicaragua and be a part of what God is doing here. The Lord has been so faithful to us and really blessed our work. But in saying that we have to acknowledge our own shortcomings, especially in the area of communicating with our sponsors and ministry friends. I’m really grateful to the Lord for the grace He’s shown us in this area, and grateful to you, who have put up with us all these years. God bless you!

Looking forward, with communication in mind, this journal and website will be our primary method to connect with our supporters and the public. We will continue to publish a printed newsletter but with less frequency (3 or 4 per year). We also have Facebook accounts for Tim and New Life. We will eventually have a MySpace page as well.

The Lord has given us a lot of great ideas for the future, utilizing technology to push the boundaries of a traditional missions ministry. I won’t give away all my secrets just yet, but how about a child-sponsorship program where you can have live video conferences with the child you support. Cool, huh? Most of these ideas will be implemented through this website. I know it’s a little primitive right now but please check back often as I plan to put a lot of time into developing this site. There will be significant changes over the next few weeks.

I couldn’t end this first post without thanking everyone for making this ministry possible. We've been blessed to help many people over the years and you’ve had a part in it all.