2009 Q1 Newsletter


For the most part, this past year has been a year of great growth and success in various areas of our ministry. So much so that Chris and I find ourselves spread thinner than ever. No doubt, our greatest failing has been in the area of communicating with you. When we started this ministry 7 years ago, we had no way of knowing the physical and emotional challenges we would face. It is no small task being the vision and voice for an international ministry that is:

  • operating with 40 employees.
  • facilitating team ministry.
  • ministering to pastors and church leaders.
  • being a general contractor for a large building project.
  • parenting 49 children plus our own.

Babies here, babies there, babies everywhere.

I’m not complaining. God has shown Himself strong in all of our challenges and we are so very grateful to Him for all He is doing. We are still amazed at the opportunity He has given us to be a part of it all. We just want to use this opportunity to thank you all for being so kind and patient and understanding of who we are and what we deal with. You are amazing people and I’m so proud that God has put us in each others lives. We hope as you read this report you’ll have a greater awareness of where we are right now and maybe get a sense of how you can help and pray. All of us at New Life Nicaragua want you to know that we use every opportunity to lead those He’s brought to us to the Amazing Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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