Battle In The Barrio


It is so exciting to see the Lord using New Life Nicaragua as a channel for His blessing to people living in extreme poverty. Tomorrow morning, New Life and interns Anna Sustar and Carly Comparet, will head out to Cristo Rey with Pastor Scott Woodard and a group from NewLife Community Church in Clayton, Georgia, along with Pastor Mike Abbott and a group from LifeWay Community Church in Sylva, North Carolina. Our goal is to build new homes and help relieve the suffering of 5 families living in houses made out of black plastic and tree limbs. 

Some of the team members will be working on the construction while others will be doing outreach evangelism and praying with the families and kids. Other members of the team will be working alongside our employees and serving the children in our feeding program. It will be an intense 2 days of very rewarding work. The reward will come from the expression and tears on the families faces as they take possession of their new homes and knowing that the Lord used us to channel His blessings. We are believing God for great things this week. Can't wait to see what happens. I'll follow up with pictures when I can.