A few days we received a beautiful little 3 1/2 years old girl. Veronica had just been released from the hospital where she was being treated for severe malnutrition and physical abuse. This poor baby weighs just 19 pounds and is about the size of a 2 year old. She is so scared and timid at this point she won't even make eye contact with you. We see this all the time and it's most prevalent in children that have suffered physical abuse. This is part of a child's natural defense mechanism. They don't want to provoke their abuser. I can only imagine what Veronica must be thinking. When is the next beating? When will I get to eat again? Will I ever know a mother's embrace or unconditional love again? As a father it breaks my heart to see a child in this state. I can't imagine any situation where I could ever do this to one of my children, but in Veronica's case, she was the victim of many family members.

While making rounds the other day our staff physician noticed that her liver is extremely swollen probably from physical trauma that she sustained from the hands of her abusers. We have her scheduled for an ultrasound to determine the severity of the problem and how to treat her. Veronica is going to need a lot of prayer over the next few weeks as her health issues are addressed and she is acclimated to a safe environment with all the food and love she needs. 

The reason I share Veronicas's story with you is two-fold. First, I would ask all our friends to pray HARD for this precious lamb. The problem with her liver could be severe and we are praying that there won't be any lasting affects to her health. The other reason is so that you can share in our joy and watch her transformation over the next few weeks as she responds to unconditional love. You will get to witness her countenance change, her cuts and bruises heal, her hair grow back out and her body respond to proper nutrition. 

Finally, I again want to thank everyone that supports this ministry financially. We couldn't help the dozens of Veronicas that come to us each year without you. You make it all possible. One day when we all stand before a Holy God, the Veronica's of this world will stand and testify on your behalf.

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