Orphanage News



Our ministry has certainly grown over the last few years, but it’s our orphanage and nutrition center that remain the backbone of our ministry.

Year after year and child after child, our rescue home has stood in the gap for orphans and malnourished children. Hundreds of broken children have come through our doors. Their scars and broken bones testify against their abusers and the horrors they experienced. Their emotionless stares and unwillingness to look anyone in the eyes, tell a story of fear and intimidation. Horrors that most of us can’t imagine. Contrast that with the happy and outgoing nature of most children.

Our mission is to ensure a home and an environment of safety for these children. A place where all of their basic needs are satisfied, and so much more. Given time, in this environment of love, and in the absence of fear, the children begin to lower their defense mechanisms and their bodies begin to heal. The path to healing and innocence can take a while. It’s a journey, but we are right there walking beside them. Eventually, they all get there. And I will tell you. That’s the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s our reward, and it’s enough!

The people that support this ministry provide this environment of safety and pathway to healing for these children. We honor and thank you today for making this possible. I don’t believe that it would be overly dramatic to say that your donations are literally saving lives!

One of our dreams is to have a place of our own. A property where we can build a new orphanage and house teams which will help pay our expenses. Sustainability, is key to our long term survival. Once again, there is renewed interest in helping us achieve these objectives. We remain hopeful this will happen, in God’s perfect timing. In the coming months, I will share some exciting new opportunities that lay ahead.

In Other News

We seem to have a lot of people asking us about Josie. Basically, the doctor said he wants to focus on her overall health before considering surgery. She was in such a severe state of malnutrition that she isn’t a candidate for surgery. The good news is she’s responding well to balanced nutrition. She is getting there physically and we remain hopeful for her emotions. God is working in her.

One of the other cool things about our orphanage is that so many of our children are adopted. Since 2006, when we started tracking, 172 children have been placed with their forever families.

We’ve had several children placed with families in the last few weeks. Some of them have been with us since birth, like Jesus. He was adopted by a lovely Nicaraguan couple. We will miss you Choo-Choo and will pray for you always.


Melissa, is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. She was recently placed with relatives.


Other children have been placed in the last month as well: Richard, Jose Luis and Gabriel (not pictured).

Last week we established a new record. We’ve just had the largest sibling group ever admitted to our orphanage—six brothers and sisters.

“Lord, we are grateful for each and every child you send our way. We are pleased that you have established our house as a house of love and healing. Help us to be good stewards of the resources and time you've given us with each child. Help us to love unconditionally and give generously, as you have. Amen.”