News from our Community Projects


Cristo Rey

I could sum up everything happening in Cristo Rey in one word, ’amazing’. But I know you want to find out more. Our partnership with Casa del Rey has grown considerably since we began. Nonetheless, more important than growth is the quality of the ministry and the fruit it bears in people's lives. That is what i’m most impressed with and I don’t take credit for that. The credit for that belongs to pastors, Carlos and Zulema Sanchez and the church leadership. Carlos and Zulema have an incredible vision or helping the people in their community and they have a solid base of servant-leaders in their church. There is unity at Casa del Rey, and that’s the foundation for effective ministry.

I am glad that the Lord has allowed New Life and our partners to resource many of the projects through the church to help empower families and better the community. 

  • Sewing machines and material were donated so a sewing co-op could be founded. This program empowers ladies in the community to provide for their families. New people are added to the program and a portion of the profits are rolled back in to the program
  • We made the initial investment and donated the equipment in a bakery and desert business. Participants are educated how to make recipes and bake. Like the sewing co-op, a portion of proceeds are rolled back into the program.
  • A welding machine was donated for teaching welding classes
  • Cosmetology kits were donated so beauty classes can be taught. Again, part of the profit is rolled back in.

 Of course, the project we’re most proud of is the discipleship program. Love, faith, generosity and servant-leadership are the four cornerstones of discipleship. These are the biblical foundations that will carry these children through the storms of life. We are seeing so many changed lives; so much participation by the kids. Student-leaders have taken discipleship and are reaping fruit that can only be measured in the light of eternity. It is amazing. And as always, children that participate in discipleship are fed a hot meal.

Pray for this ministry. In January, we will be doubling discipleship and the feeding program. We feel like it’s an essential component in the education and character development of these young people.

Also in January, we will start a head-start type program. For just $30 one time; you can help a child succeed by giving him or her the opportunity for an education. Your $30 will buy: 

  • Backpacks
  • School supplies
  • A uniform
  • And shoes

 We want to help 200 kids go to school next year.

Our home building ministry for needy families in Cristo Rey continues to gain momentum. There are still other ministries that copy our method and designs. To date we’ve built 165 homes in Cristo Rey—not bad for 4 1/2 years. This ministry changes lives in ways you can’t imagine. To God be the glory!

We are so looking forward to 2015. We believe it will be our best year in Cristo Rey. We are believing for: more miracles, more houses, more kids in discipleship and more people empowering micro businesses like the one’s in place. Look for news about child sponsorship opportunities next year.

Iglesia Vida Nueva (New Life Church)


In September, we took what we learned in Cristo Rey to a new church plant in El Crucero. The leadership from Vida Nueva went with us to Cristo Rey to view the discipleship program in action. Much was gained that day, and now those proven methods are being duplicated. I so appreciate the sharing and generous spirits of Pastor Carlos and Zulema and Casa del Rey and their willingness to help other ministries succeed. Please pray for the success of this new church plant and discipleship program.

We Love You

Once again, our heart goes out to all who support these ministries. We really are changing lives. Come to Nicaragua and see for yourselves the work we do and the lives we touch. Be a part of it and take ownership.

If you are looking for good soil to sow your finances—I promise you, this is it. Never before can so little money go to helping so many people in dramatic ways!

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