The Breaker of Chains


I’m so thankful that when I was in my twenties, my chains were broken off when my life was interrupted by an act of love and grace. Now, over 30 years later, I ask myself, where has the time gone? I’m missing my family and friends that have gone on before me. Those who had such a profound influence in my life.

 I’m so keenly aware of legacy now and the value and influence of every person’s life. The interconnectivity of us all. I remember George Bailey, in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” George came to a place in life when he felt like the world would be better without him. At the end of the movie an angel showed George the impact his life had on others. We are all connected; you and me, the children in the barrio, the children in the orphanage, half a world away. That takes on new meaning in light of God’s love for us all.

No matter what the measure of a man’s life is, I know above everything else, I want my life to count for something. As we near another anniversary here in Nicaragua, I think about the hundreds of children we’ve rescued and placed in loving homes. I think about the nearly 200 homes we’ve built for the poor. The community projects we’ve sponsored to bring families closer to Christ, and the opportunities we’ve helped create for them to escape poverty and hunger. All, has been done in the name of Christ and for His glory. You and I won’t know the full measure of our work until we get to heaven. The lives touched; the generations changed. Yet, much remains to be done.

This knowledge comes with a burden and responsibility to ensure the survival of New Life well into the future. The way we see it, a couple of things need to happen to sustain this ministry, long-term in the future. The first is a new missionary family, or families, joining us in ministry. Co-laborers that would work with us to expand the ministry. The second thing is the purchase of property that could be developed over time into a ministry campus and home for orphaned children. We would also utilize this property to raise funds for our different ministry projects by providing lodging for our visiting teams. That will generate significant income to sustain and grow the ministry.

Thankfully, after many years, we are seeing the Lord move in both of these areas. I will share more about the family when their plans are a little more solid but for now I want to share about an event taking place on May 2nd. An organization called A Cause for Tea, will be having a fundraiser for New life in the Charlotte NC, area. The goal for the event is to help raise the funds needed for a down payment on land. We feel strongly that this is the Lord positioning New Life to continue rescuing babies and changing generations of lives well into the future. The event will be lots of fun and we can enjoy some nice tea and food a good cause. If you live near Charlotte, please try to be a part of this very special night in New Life’s history. Please download the invitation and RSVP. If you not able to attend, you can still be a part of this miracle for New Life. Please go to our website and there will be instructions on how to give a gift. Remember—only what we do in the light of eternity will last.

Now, draw your sword. The one the Lord has called “The Breaker of Chains,” and swing away. Swing at abuse, abandonment, neglect, hunger, poverty, lies of the enemy, ignorance, rejection, low self-esteem and inadequacy, etc. This is what He’s called us to do. To loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke. To let the oppressed go free and break the chains that bind them. Isaiah 58

As always, we thank you and love you. We couldn’t do what we do without you. You are the swords in our hands and the arrows in our bows. The love in our eyes and the tears on our cheek.

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