The Reward of Simple Faith

New truck presentation by Hope Project and New Life Nicaragua

I don’t know if she kneeled, or if she stood; if she cried out or whispered through tears.  I only know that God heard every single one of her prayers over the past seven years, and I was one of many witnesses who stood in the shadows when her miracle arrived.

Zulema, her husband Carlos, and their three children moved to Cristo Rey to lead the church of Casa Del Rey La Grancosecha.  They laid down their lives, through the call of God, and have known the sacrifices of that call in intimate ways.  Often, their ministry would call them away from their small humble home, and owning only a motorbike, their ministry was limited and they were unable to do so as a family.  

There were those who saw the difficulty of their situation, and mocked the God they serve saying, “If your God is so good, why does he not give you what you need?  Why does he not give you what you ask for?”

Inside the darkness of their home, tucked near the mirror, was a guarded picture of their prayer.  A reminder of their need, and a reminder of what they were trusting God to supply for them.  They did not lose faith!

Our group is gathered just inside the warmth of the concrete walls of the church. We are members of different groups from Lifepoint Church, Hope Project, and New Life Nicaragua circling around Carlos and Zulema Sanchez.  I can’t help but think that we are many parts of one body, joined together and united for the cause of Christ.

Only minutes before, Carlos and Zulema were gifted with a truck, and in the space and time that follows, our gathered group quiets under the sacredness of the family’s testimony.  Carlos passionately declares the goodness and faithfulness of God, while walking us through their journey of trusting in His character over the length of seven years.  Zulema then shows us the picture that embodied their prayer, the same brand of truck in the picture is a match to the one parked outside.

Seven years is a long time to wait.  Seven years is a long time to stand firm in your faith when those around you spew words of discouragement.

We drive away from the painted green walls of the happy church.  I’m thinking of their miracle.  I’m thinking of the way Zulema spoke to her children in the glory of those moments.  How she intentionally pointed them to the tenderness of God, and his attention to the details of their lives.  I can almost hear her say, “Look, God has not forgotten us!  Remember this, He is faithful.  Taste and see, children, taste and see.”

I believe we all had a feast today.

Ginger Mohr