Water to Wine

Cristo rey nicaragua ministry

Do you ever get a sense that you are at a crossroads; like a new chapter is about to begin?  That’s kind of how we’ve been feeling lately.  Like something new and wonderful is about to begin. We’ve been praying for the changes coming and are optimistic about the ministry's future.  The Mohr family will bring a fresh perspective when they join New Life full-time in July and opportunities with other organizations are coming as well.  The possibility of owning our own property is closer than ever.  Some of you know, we’ve been looking at a particular property over the last year.  We believe owning our own property will be the key to opening doors for new ministries and make New Life sustainable well into the future.  That means we wont be so dependent on donation dollars to operate our ministry projects.  This is necessary for our survival because the number of churches that directly support our ministry on an ongoing monthly basis is very small, but they do send groups down on short-term mission trips.  Our idea is to provide the services (mainly lodging and transportation) that cater to these groups and then use these funds to offset the costs of our ministry projects.  Our first step in that process is happening in 2016.  We have begun “packaging” short-term mission trips at a cost of $1000 per person all inclusive, with each individual responsible for airfare and personal expenses.  The package price is something new for New Life but something other ministries have been doing for years.  It’s a critical and necessary first step for us until our property is acquired and developed.

Cristo Rey Nicaragua Bagwell Children

Just this week, there has been a new development in our search for property.  We have found a really large property, centrally located to Managua. That would cut our driving time to Cristo Rey to less than half. It would put us in the middle of everything but not downtown, which is perfect.  It’s still early and we are just beginning to do our due diligence on this property, but we both believe that this is where our focus needs to be. With that we would ask for your prayers concerning this property. The potential is limitless!

All of this thinking about our future has me also thinking about our past and God’s plan in it all.  I think about our story, the really tough times, the losing of everything, the threat of death, the five years of hospital, the needles and machines keeping my baby boy alive, the darkness of night that never ends, and then the promise, and then the miracle, and then the ministry that was birthed from it all.  While God did not bring all these horrible events into our life, He is the One who redeemed them.  He is the One that gave us beauty for ashes and a testimony.  


, the scripture comes alive to me,

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose”.

  I really believe you cannot consider the future without embracing the past.  It’s what made you who you are and prepared you for tomorrow. 

Nicaragua abuse orphan

We have many years in ministry now and we’ve seen Christ turn water into wine.  We’ve held and weeped for the abused children that have come into our children’s home with broken bodies and spirits. Then, we witnessed the power of unconditional love as broken children are made whole again.   We’ve seen Christ glorified in communities, where the local church is strengthened and lives changed.  Men are being taught how to be honorable men and children are being taught values and to dream big; all things are possible through Christ. Doors of opportunity are being opened as people are learning new skills to provide for their families. Hungry tummies are being filled. Homes are being built for the poor and families are being reunited under one roof.  Lives are being changed and transformed.

Cristo Rey House Home Construction

Fifteen years have past since our family moved to Nicaragua. I look back, fondly now, overwhelmed with emotion at what God has done with our lives.  I know that the steps we take today will have a great impact on our future. The opportunities are endless and our vision is expanding to meet the needs and challenges set before us.  As more people join our team, they will add new vision and perspective to what’s possible. These are exciting days in which we live and it’s with that awareness that we look to the future and the possibilities that await.  

Nicaragua baby orphan

I always close with our sincerest thanks to all of you who support this ministry with your prayers and finances. Some of you go back with us over a decade. I once had a very wise man say to me,

” If you want to know what a man believes in, look in his checkbook, because he will invest in what he


believes in”.

 Surely, you who invest in Kingdom pursuits through New Life will share in the reward with us. We will stand together when the question is asked and,

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”.